Our menu is always evolving and is highly dependent on what is available locally and seasonally. We take pride in changing peoples perception on how vegan food is prepared and presented. Thats what sets “Kats Snacks” apart from everyone else.   **Please note that this is not our extensive menu, but a guideline of what we do. We revolve our menu around each event, dietary requirements (if any), season and location.**


Grazing Platters


"The Ultimate" 

Served with cashew cheese, two dips, fresh fruit and vegetables, mixed olives, roasted nuts, dried fruit selection, assorted biscuits and crackers                  $85

"Sweet Treat"

Served with assorted dark chocolates, fresh fruit, custom tea cakes, nuts and dried fruits.       $70

"Game Day"

Trio of dips, corn chips, crisp, fresh vegetables, assorted "bar snacks", roasted nuts, mixed olives  $70


Mixed olives, cashew cheese, two dips, pickled vegetables, crackers, biscuits, fresh fruit and vegetables           $80


Trio of dips

 ** Dips are seasonally dependent. Please inquire. **

Small (6-8 people) $35 per platter

Large (8-12 people) $50 per platter


Hors d'oeuvres      (Minimum order 10 pieces per item)

Dates stuffed with sweet cashew cream 5 for$4.50  

Savoury raw curry truffles with peanut butter & coconut flakes $1.50 each    

 Italian vegan meatless balls served with marinara     $3.00each  

Falafel bites served with spiced tahini creme        $2.50 each

Lentil "neat loaf " patties served with tangy bbq glaze        $3.00 each

Tofu satay skewers with peanut sauce                    $3.00 each

Mini creamy mushroom pies                        $3.00 each

Mini Sheppards pie topped with paprika mash                $3.00 each

No Pulled pork sliders, made from jackfruit, home made barbecue sauce, 

topped with a pickle and served between two wholemeal buns        $4.00 each

Mini snausage rolls filled with lentil, peas and sauerkraut         $2.50 each

Tofu quiche cups                             $2.50 each

Chickpea “Toona”  served on top of cucumber, topped with dill    $2.00 each

Morrocan savoury pumpkin corn meal bites served with a dollop of spicy aioli    $3.00 each



Mexican pinwheels (Serves up to 20 ppl)

Chipotle hummus, tomato salsa, red onion, cilantro and avocado     $60

Falafel pinwheels (Serves up to 20 ppl)

Lemon and garlic hummus, falafel, tomato, red onion, spinach and tahini dressing       $70

Cauliflower Wings (Serves 10-12 people **depending**)          

Choice of Spicy Siracha or Barbecue Sauce battered and baked. Served with our famous vegan ranch dressing.  (GF)        $50




Japanese quinoa and tempeh salad

Quinoa, soy marinated tempeh, fresh veggies and leaves served with a sesame ginger soy dressing

Roasted seasonal vegetable salad

served with a Lemon vinaigrette and roasted nuts

Vegan creamy potato salad

served with creamy garlic and dill ranch dressing

Vegan Cobb salad

Rainbow of kidney beans, tomatoes, hearts of palm, tempeh bacon, avocado, sweet onion, black olives and mandarin oranges, served with vegan ranch dressing

Raw Pesto salad

Green salad and seasonal veggies served with green pesto dressing


Bulk Catering price:

Regular $50 (serves 5-8 ppl)

Large $70 (serves 8-10 ppl)


Pizzas  (All pizzas are hand made with a spelt and whole meal blend) 

Roasted vegetable 

with our marinara and cashew “mockarella” cheese

Large Pizza $35 (serves 10 people)


on top of green pesto and greens

Large Pizza $40 (serves 10 people)


Gourmet house made nut mixes

Manhattan nut mix: Sweet and savoury mix with hints of rosemary and cayenne

Thai Chilli cashew nut mix

$10 standard 



(If specific flavour is wanted please inquire. We can almost always cater to any request.)

**Please note that when ordering gluten and nut free cakes they are made in the same facility as all of our other baked goods. Although we do our best to prevent cross contamination items may contain traces of gluten and nuts.**

Donuts  (Minimum 12) $36

Flavours: Chocolate or Vanilla 

**Inquire about various toppings and colours**




(Minimum order 12)    $42  / Gluten Free  $50

Choice of Chocolate/Vanilla/ Red Velvet/ Cookies and Cream/Lemon Vanilla 

**Please specify if there is a theme, dietary requirements or any allergies**



Cakes. Cakes, Cakes

(Please specify if you would like 1 or 2 tier)

Vanilla Cake with choice of frosting: Vanilla, Salted Caramel, Coconut, Vanilla Bean    $50/ GF $60

Chocolate Cake with choice of  frosting: Chocolate, Mocha, Coconut, Salted Caramel       $50/ GF $60

Vanilla Lemon Cake with Vanilla frosting   $55/ GF $65

Double Chocolate cake with chocolate ganache   $55/ GF $65

Mint Chocolate chip cake $60/ GF$70

Cookie-n-Cream cake $60/ GF $70

Pandan cake with coconut lime frosting  $60/ GF $70

Red Velvet cake with Chocolate or Vanilla frosting  $60/ GF $70

Chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting $65/ GF $75


Tea Cakes

(Minimum order 8) $5 each / $4.50 for orders 10 or more

Vanilla Cake with choice of frosting: Vanilla, Salted Caramel, Coconut, Vanilla Bean    

Chocolate Cake with choice of  frosting: Chocolate, Mocha, Coconut, Salted Caramel       

Vanilla Lemon Cake with Vanilla frosting   

Double Chocolate cake with chocolate ganache 

Mint Chocolate chip cake  

Cookie-n-Cream cake 

Pandan cake with coconut lime frosting 

Red Velvet cake with Chocolate or Vanilla frosting